• Selena Jackson-Anderson

February is the Month of LOVE

Lets be honest, We all have experienced Heart break, Heart aches. Its apart of life.

Divorce, Lost of a Parent/Sibling, Break up,etc... Your list can go for miles long. I know mine can. In some cases we can become so angry & bitter. That it can affect us Physically, and Mentally.

Moving Forward...👣👣👣👣.... When going to Sunday School many of you probably heard the song or at least a verse or 2 of Yes JESUS loves me, Yes JESUS loves me (repeat) for the Bible Tells me So. That is correct Yes! JESUS loves Me/YOU.

Infact the bible mentions the word Love @ least 300 times(Maybe more) and in over 200 verses, is the Word Love mentioned.

To me that means that Jesus is pretty serious about Love!

But did you know that with as many times as it it written in the Bible. You MUST learn to love yourself before you can Love anyone! Learn to love yourself! Self love is so important. There was a season In my life that I had stopped loving myself. Yes! It is true. My mistakes, I felt like a failure! I was hurting internally....

Depression began to sink in. Although I am married I felt lonely! I began to live a life of Pretending/Fantasy.. I had began to HIDE BEHIND MANY MASK!

Moving forward.....

Literally I begged and pleaded God to have Mercy on me, To heal me and help me. You can not be healed while playing the victim!!!

I ended up hearing and Seeing Pastor Kim Poither(Fayetteville, Ga..) on TV

(Conquering Hell In Heels). I felt like she was talking to me.(Preachers of Atlanta was the name of the show). Every week I was eager to hear what she had to say. My healing began to take place. I ordered her books, read them many times.

I also meditated on Gods word Day &Night, Night and Day.

Psalm 143:8, Genesis 1:27, 2 Corn. 5:17, and Prov. 18:12, Oh and Galatians 2:20.

The word of God became my Love song...Like rocking to your favorite slow song.

Al B.Sure( Nite &Day), Randy Travis(Forever and Ever) Al Green( Love and Happiness), Lonestar(Amazed) Keith Sweat(Make it last forever), Your favorite song by Faith Hill, Brad Paisley, Jodeci,etc..... The word of God became my DAILY BREAD!



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