Thank you for visiting Covered Girlz Ministry Online. Our mission is to go out into the world and speak to girls, and young women about whoms they are. By confirming it with the word of God.

Keeping it Fun, Educational, while centered around Christ.

Topics of discussion(being age appropriate)
* But not limited too*

• Hygiene • Loving Yourself • Classmates
• Studying • Relationships • Appearance
• Being Confident • Boldness • Respect
• Bullying • Dreams/Goals • Sports/Talents

• Peer Pressure • Finances/Saving • Tithes& Offering(s)

• Offering(s) • Chores

You Create BEAUTY with your ATTITUDE your BEHAVIOR, and your ACTIONS. ~C. Thomas.

Our Vision

To ensure that our Children, Tweens, Teen know the Truth.. Their true value. And that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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